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As chartered surveyors, we have years of experience dealing with properties of all varieties across Fordingbridge and Wessex. Purchasing a new home, or an investment, is one of the largest purchases you will make. Just being on this website means you are sensibly looking for a pre-purchase survey to help inform you before you make that final step.

We offer several types of surveys. For modern buildings or less complex houses which have not been altered or extended you might consider the:

RICS Full Building Survey (FBS) - The most comprehensive, detailed survey format.

RICS Home Buyers Survey (HBS) - A survey covering the main building elements to a simple format.

Single Fault Assessment - A letter style report focusing in on just one problem or element of the property - often useful for insurance claims.

Period and Listed Building Surveyors in Fordingbridge
Listed building specialists for Fordingbridge

But not all buildings present an equal challenge. As a building ages, it becomes more susceptible to building defects such as damp ingress, warped timbers, structural movement and various forms of wood rot. These problems, amongst many others, can be hard to spot, expensive to rectify and potentially devastating to a property purchase or sale.

We offer our expertise to clients in Fordingbridge looking to purchase an old, period or listed building - to help them uncover the secrets their new home may be hiding, to plan for the future and to negotiate a reasonable purchase price

Surveys come in all sorts of sizes and fee levels, with various reports available to suit any given property.

We take pride in offering a bespoke range of services, which will help you purchase your new home safely.

For all old and listed buildings, we provide our surveys and advice exclusively from our Director, Ewan Craig, as the most qualified to be able to assist clients with issues.

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Why Choose Fordingbridge Surveyors as your surveyor?

Tailor-made reports for period & listed buildings

A good surveying company doesn't offer a single service, but several options - to suit each client's budget, property and timeframe. Unfortunately, some services - like the RICS HomeBuyer report and RICS condition survey, are template driven and can be restrictive for an old or complex building. When considering an older property a bespoke inspection allows the surveyor the time to properly investigate any serious issues found on site.

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